Amanda Vega

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Amanda Vega is an interactive industry dinosaur who began her career over 30 years ago as a chat moderator at AOL, later helping develop some of AOL’s signature products like AIM and Love@AOL. After working her way up the ranks, she left the company to work with other industry pioneers, starting an agency that helped create and grow many of the online marketing capabilities and services many people currently take for granted, until acquisition by Ogilvy.

For the past two decades, she has lead a consulting firm that works with both agencies and brands, in the areas of PR, social media management, compliance services, and other web-related activities, serving clients nationally from five locations, helping clients such as Banana Republic, WebMD, General Mills, Sears, Publicis Groupe, LG, British Airways, eHarmony, Sanofi, and many more.

As an expansion of that agency, she also founded 3 Peas Baby Product marketing - a firm that specifically services the juvenile product industry. And most recently added a family business to the mix: 3 Peas Baby Gear Rental which rents high-end baby gear to those traveling to Arizona and connects juvenile brands to affluent parents. She is also a founding member of the Global Association of Baby Equipment Rental Companies.

Amanda is a published author (she wrote “PR in a Jar” was a contributing author for “The Social Media Bible”), Columbia University MBA grad, and frequently speaks at events. She's a Founding Member of GABERCO - the Global Association for Baby Equipment Rental, and actively involved in many Boards.

When she’s not out on #boymom adventures (baseball anyone?)she’s likely seeking new opportunities for investment or growth. She’s actively seeking two additional board positions for this year and 2 more CMO for hire positions. And is always awaiting a crazy acquisition or dream job that she just cannot refuse (like being Victor Newman's daughter on the Young & the Restless.)