The inherent polypharmaceutical properties of various botanicals offer distinct advantages over the current single-target pharmaceutical model and portend to revolutionize neurological treatment into a new reality of effective interventional and even preventative treatment.                 

Zephyr Labz identifies intriguing promise demonstrated by recent discoveries regarding the benefits of botanically-based medicines to neurological therapeutics by incorporating the neutral nascent science and applications, their acidic precursors, and terpenoids in the putative treatment of several serious health conditions.

In addition, Zephyr Labz will be working closely with a DNA testing company to develop therapeutic products to address health concerns based on identified genetic test indications. The DNA test maps each user’s endocannabinoid system and matches the results with a specific cannabinoid ratio aligned with their genotype. Our team of research scientists developed a protocol to align distinctive markers found in the genetic test results with products to help consumers treat or offset a variety of health conditions. Genetic tests like these are being used in diagnosing mental conditions including, but not limited to, depression, PTSD, anxiety, and OCD.